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"Not your average EA course. It has encouraged me to look at the bigger picture within my organisation and the ways in which I can influence positive outcomes and become a strategic partner to my Executive."

Jo Hughes, UK


  • I highly recommend this course for all EAs or PAs who are looking for high level training. Having being in the administrative profession for 30+ years – this is the first high level course I have attended that left you exhausted every night having had a full intense day of effective training to enhance a strategic working partnership with your manager. Well done Richard for outstanding facilitation of this course.

    Vicki Faint (AAPNZ Cert., NZDipBus Admin), Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

  • This training is the best I have ever attended outside my organizational leadership degree course. It is perfect for EAs, PAs and Administrative Professionals at different levels of their careers in all business environments. The group exercise sessions were invaluable and worked especially well for me by reinforcing all I learned. I cannot say enough about the ACEA course. I recommend that everyone in Admin attends. It was a great investment in myself and simply put; just Excellent!

    Grace Ayishetu, EA to MD, Tullow Oil

  • Excellent course content and delivery. The networking experience was exceptional. I highly recommend the ACEA™ to all Executive Assistants looking for relevant training.

    Sonia Williams, FortisTCI, USA

  • Excellent and comprehensive training delivered. I left inspired and energised. I will be recommending the course to any of my peers in need of a boost of confidence & motivation.

    Pavlina Perkova, LEGO, Czech Republic

  • I would highly recommend ACEA to other seasoned EA’s who are serious about their careers and receiving an accredited designation.

    Ana Maria Monteiro, Air Canada, Canada

  • After reading the course objectives and reviews, my expectations for ACEA were high. I must say that after completing the week-long course, Richard EXCEEDED my expectations. The class was energetic, interactive, safe, and, dare I say, fun. It was wonderful meeting people from all over the world!

    Brenda L. Rogers CAP, OM, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Vice President of Administration, Executive Assistant to the CEO

  • The 5-day course was very well organised, the subjects covered during the week will assist me to further develop the skills to become a more professional and strategic Executive Assistant and a better partner to the Executive I work with today. The course focused on a wide variety of subjects relevant to me in my role to stay ahead within my profession. Mr. Arnott skilfully identified our strengths and weaknesses and helped us throughout the course to develop even further and gave us the tools to “becoming the best that we can be”. The course furthermore provided a platform to extend both my professional as well as private network.

    Karin Hélène, Senior Executive Assistant to Director General Prof. John Womersley, European Spallation Source ERIC, Lund, Sweden (IMA South Sweden Regional Chair)

  • This course has given me a new understanding of the new modern EA roles. Mr. Arnott successfully delivered this excellent program identifying the critical and congruent material content to train the EA’s and how to implement in our functions. Mr. Arnott skillfully managed the plethora of personalities in the group providing one-on-one attention. He has the gift of identifying each attendee’s primary talents and brings out the best in each one throughout the course. I can wholeheartedly recommend this program.

    Kenia B. Figueredo, Executive Assistant, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain

  • This course is not your average how-to-make-software-work-better EA course. This five day course will push you to not only think like your Executive, but have the deeper understanding of the business behind that thinking. The curriculum is packed with information transferable across industries, and the flow of the material is very well thought out, interconnected and engaging

    Executive Assistant, Booz Allen Hamilton, New York City

  • This is the most extensive and thorough training and education I have experienced in decades. There are courses that promise upper level training but very few that truly deliver, ACEA is one that delivers.

    Susan Ward, Executive Assistant, Bush Brothers & Company, USA

Alumni Interviews

Vicki Faint

The wonderful Vicki Faint, EA to the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

View Full Interview

Diana Brandl

Our 1,000th ACEA delegate: Diana Brandl.

Diana is a freelance assistant and author of the blog The Socialista Projects

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Brenda L. Rogers, CAP, OM, ACEA

We are delighted to continue the BMTG (UK) Ltd ACEA Alumini interviews with the fabulous Brenda L. Rogers CAP, OM, ACEA.

View Full Interview

Kim McCartney, CAP, OM, ACEA

Our interviewee is Kim McCartney who is a Senior Executive Assistant at Booz Allen Hamilton.

ACEA has been delivered on-site to over 60 Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Assistants with more scheduled for 2020.

View Full Interview

Marcela Brito

Marcela attended the Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® in São Paulo in 2019.

Marcela is a great supporter of the profession in Brazil and publishes her own Blog and has published her first book “Secretariado Intercultural”

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Taís Fagundes

Taís was fundamental in bringing ACEA® to São Paulo in 2019 having pushed for it for many years. She also helped significantly with the logistics and planning of our first venture into South America

Taís foi fundamental para trazer a ACEA® a São Paulo em 2019, tendo impulsionado por muitos anos esta vinda. Ela também ajudou significativamente com a logística e planejamento do nosso primeiro empreendimento na América do Sul.

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Umair Ahmed Khan

It was our pleasure to interview Mr Umair Ahmed Khan, Executive Secretary – President & CEO Office in Saudi Electricity Company

View Full Interview
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